Lawn Maintenance

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J.R. Lawn and Snow is a one-stop solution for all your lawn maintenance needs, from grass cutting, core aeration and leaf/debris cleanup. Our team of experienced landscapers has the best equipment at our disposal for our signature lawn mowing and lawn care services. For convenience, we provide our customers with weekly plans and services.

We provide our lawn cleanup services in the spring and fall:


Getting your yard ready for winter is crucial for maintaining its health. Fall is for raking the leaves and debris, which is a sure way of having a spring-ready lawn. A fall cleanup visit with J.R. Lawn and Snow will cover all your lawn maintenance requirements.


Canadian winters are undeniably harsh to tender grass. Snowfall and impacted snow can create a heavy debris-laden layer that hampers growth when spring approaches. With our spring cleanup services, J.R. Lawn and Snow can give your lawn the much-needed care it requires.


Your garden can be adversely affected due to snow if it is not prepped and cleaned before winter arrives. Use our professional cleanup services to encourage good growth and grass cover come spring.

Our cleanup services can include the following:

Bagging of thatch

Lawn Mowing


Leaf blowing and removal