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Core Aeration is the perforation of the lawn to facilitate aeration. A lawn aerator removes small dirt portions from your lawn in cylinder-shaped plugs. This allows grass to grow into the vacated space and allows proper water penetration to the root system. It also breaks down any thatch build-up. A regularly aerated lawn will encourage essential microorganisms that can decompose organic material and lawn thatch.

Benefits of Core Aeration:

Improves Grass Root System

Reduces Soil Compaction

Encourages new growth from your existing lawn

Breaks Down Thatch

Reduces Weeds Over Time

Saves Water & Reduces Run-Off

Stimulates Beneficial Microorganisms

Improves Germination of Grass Seeds

J.R. Lawn and Snow are proud to offer lawn aeration and full-service commercial lawn care services and maintenance within the Ottawa, Nepean, and Orleans areas. Contacting J.R. Lawn and Snow will leave you with the peace of mind that your commercial building will look perfect year-round, and that way, the outside of your place of business will match the great products and services on the inside.

J.R. Lawn and Snow provide aeration services to the following commercial areas:

Homeowner Associations


Industrial properties

Multi-Family accommodations


Retail space

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