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A winter-ready lawn means less work in spring. But going about it can be difficult, especially if you do not have the right tools. Maintain your lawn’s health by booking a fall cleanup service with J.R. Lawn and Snow! Let us do the work for you; no need to spend your time with rental equipment. A complete fall cleanup provides everything your lawn needs to brave the winter season. Spend time with family and friends while we aerate, rake leaves, and do even more for your property! Simply order a fall cleanup on our website in just a few clicks, and J.R. Lawn and Snow will handle the rest, so you don’t have to!

Our Fall Yard Clean Up Package includes:

1. Final Mowing:

Cutting your grass for winter is different from what you would do for spring or summer. The grass needs to properly with the shortest mower setting. Doing so lets the light and air reach the soil and leaves less of the grass blade to turn brown. Let J.R. Lawn and Snow take care of that with our professional mowing machines.

2. Leaf Raking​:

Fall leaves look pretty but can do a lot of damage to your lawn. In addition to creating debris, fall leaves can cause soil to thatch. Snowmelt and mixture aid in the growth of fungus and mold, which can cause allergies. Mold and fungus can damage the new growth of grass in springtime if the leaf cover is not removed in time. We provide expert leaf removal services, guaranteeing you a clean lawn and good grass growth in spring.

3. Leaf & Debris Removal​:

Grass clippings and leaves make an impenetrable barrier that suffocates grass, causing the soil to lose oxygen levels and providing a breeding ground for fungus. You have to remove it before the first snow can impact the debris. With our heavy working equipment and professional expertise, your lawn can see the winters without damage.

4. Lawn Aeration​:

The soil under snow cover tends to lose oxygen, which hampers new grass growth in spring. Core aeration can be done at any time of the year, but it is essential during the fall season. Aerating your lawn makes oxygen, water, and fertilizer easier to reach the roots. As your property will be dormant for months, it is crucial to provide it with what it needs during this period to encourage deep root growth and deliver a luxurious lawn in the spring.