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J.R. Lawn and Snow provide comprehensive Commercial Top Dressing in Ottawa.

Using a mixture of soil and compost to spread on the surface of a lawn is called topdressing. This serves to improve the conditions of the soil itself and provide the base to a healthier, greener lawn. This process makes your lawn healthier and better-looking. With our unique mix of soil and compost, your lawn soil will get the nutrient boost it needs to look its very best and support healthy growth.

Benefits of Top Dressing

When you spread compost material over any lawn at regular intervals, it provides tremendous nutrient benefits to that area and can make it look terrific. In addition to improving its overall health and appearance, here are some of the other benefits you’ll realize from topdressing:

Enhanced germination of seeds

Deeper lawn colour

Increased microbial action

Overall improvement of soil conditions

Professional Lawn Top Dressing

You can trust the experts at J.R. Lawn and Snow with our topdressing services to restore a healthy commercial turf. When used in combination with our other lawn maintenance services, our topdressing services augment the results of achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn. Get started today on a great-looking lawn, and call us at (613) 229-4803 for a free estimate.

We provide maintenance services to a variety of commercial sectors:

Rental homes and apartment complexes


Industrial areas

Multi-Family accommodations and condos


Retail spaces and malls