Lawn Maintenance

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J.R. Lawn and Snow provide expert lawn dethatching services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Orleans.

Long Ottawa winters affect grass growth and lawn health. Homeowners and property managers look to restore their lawns every spring and throughout the summer. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris accumulate into thatch over the autumn and winter season. Thatch can be desirable on the lawn; however, it can weaken the lawn infrastructure if left unmanaged.

Why Dethatch Your Lawn?

Thatch covers the soil surface, which is not conducive to a healthy grass cover. The grass grows uneven, and the lawn looks sparse, acquiring a scraggly appearance. Over time, dead grass roots, stems, and debris accumulate on the lawn soil’s top layer. Thatch decreases adequate water uptake and provides a home for insects. It also hampers nutrients from getting below the soil surface. When seeding, thatch can prevent proper germination.

Our lawn dethatching service will allow water and nutrients under the soil surface. It also frees soil surface room for new grass to spread, resulting in a healthier, denser-looking lawn.