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Aeration allows for loosing of the soil, better oxygenation and water circulation. It breaks through the dead thatch and is an essential step for healthy grass growth. Based on your yard’s requirements, J.R. Lawn and Snow provide manual and mechanical soil aeration.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

Breaks through the dead thatch.

Eliminates layering

Decreases deep soil compaction

Improves air (oxygen) exchange with roots

Reduces puddling of rainwater

Increases water uptake and drought stress tolerance

Improves turf resilience and cushioning

Stimulates new growth with its vertical mowing action

Lawns in Ottawa, Nepean, and Orleans require aerationbecause of various natural factors. Some of them are listed below:

Heavy clay soils

Weed proliferation

Excessive puddling and water runoff

Thin and sparse grass coverage

Excessive thatch build-up

Many Ottawa homeowners have to aerate two-three times per year to maintain a healthy, pristine lawn.

Lawn Aeration Process

J.R. Lawn and Snow expert crew members walk the machine back and forth across your yard, similar to when cutting your grass. The rotating hollow tines pull out virtually unnoticeable plugs of grass and soil every few centimetres. The grass plugs get deposited on top of the remaining grass, where they will break down and further enrich your lawn. The grass plugs facilitate rich grass growth, so they are left as is. If you prefer, we will remove the plugs for an additional fee.

Our crew will blow off any dirt or debris left on your sidewalk or other surfaces. We always clean up after ourselves.