Lawn Maintenance

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J.R. Lawn and Snow is a one-stop solution for all your lawn maintenance needs, from grass cutting, core aeration and leaf/debris cleanup. Our team of experienced landscapers has the best equipment at our disposal for our signature lawn mowing and lawn care services. For convenience, we provide our customers with weekly plans and services.

Our lawn care and lawn maintenance services include:


Give your property’s landscape a boost at the beginning and the end of the year’s growing season. Our Spring and Fall Cleanup visits will give your lawns and gardens the care they need, ensuring they are fresh, tidy, and primed for growth.

Lawn Mowing

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of effort and dedication. Maintaining a healthy grass cover requires frequent lawn mowing. J.R. Lawn and Snow take care of all your lawn mowing duties, giving you more time to spend outdoors in a well-manicured lawn with friends and family this summer.

Lawn Aeration

If your property has trouble with grass growth, J.R.’s lawn core aeration services can help. Lawn aeration provides the soil with much-needed oxygen and loosens up the soil structure. It also helps the grass take root faster and allows greater water uptake. Aeration ensures that a lawn looks great and lasts through the summer and autumn months.

Yard Work Services

Cleaning up your property (also called a landscape cleanup or yard cleanup) is a one-time cleanup of your lawn, garden, and landscape. If your property requires some cleanup from neglect or the winter season, J.R. Lawn and Snow’s property cleanup services will get them back into good shape.


Dethatching removes impacted soil, roots, and debris, promoting healthy growth and optimum water uptake. Our Lawn Dethatching service will help lay the foundation for what can be a beautiful lawn.

Leaf Blowing

A clean, well-maintained lawn is pleasing to look at in all seasons, giving a clean edge to your home or property. Our leaf-blowing and debris cleanup services will take care of this for you.