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J.R. Lawn and Snow provide comprehensive Leaf Blowing and Removal services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Orleans.

We’re happy to offer our leaf removal services to the residents and businesses of Ottawa. A well-maintained property gives an impression of detail-oriented and image-conscious residents. It also helps attract potential buyers to your real estate property. J.R. Lawn and Snow’s leaf removal services will check this off your to-do list and ensure your property reflects your love of all things genuinely excellent.

Fall and Spring Leaf Clean Up Services

Changing seasons come with a different set of problems every time. When leaves fall on walkways, lawns, and driveways, it’s necessary to have a cleanup to maintain a polished look regularly. Leaf removal is effective if done twice or more every season. While it’s possible to do this alone, J.R. Lawn and Snow make it easy with our comprehensive leaf removal services. Whether you need a one-time cleanup or you want to book us for regular work for one or more seasons, our competitive rates and excellent equipment mean we’ll have your property looking fabulous all season long.

A few leaves, twigs, or needles might not seem threatening, but the damage that comes along with them is concerning:


Organic debris traps moisture right on top of lawn soil. Since plants take water from their surroundings, the leaf cover provides a water catchment. This excess moisture is excellent during growth cycles, but as lawns and garden beds become cluttered with extra dead leaves, this moisture can mean rot, fungal growth, and bald patches.


Sitting moisture can damage grass over time and become a breeding ground for pests and parasitic fungi. Insects and rodents love staying under the leaf cover. These layers of debris have the potential to destroy foliage even in winters. From bugs to large rodents, infestations are bad news for residential properties.

J.R. Lawn and Snow’s professional leaf blowing service quickly, effectively, and regularly takes care of all the above problems.