Lawn Maintenance

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Effective, quick cleaning for gardens and yards:

In fall and spring, J.R. Lawn and Snow’s garden and yard cleanup services are done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a stunningly beautiful lawn. Large yards require more cleaning, considering the number of trees and the amount of foliage.

What is included in the garden cleanup?

1. Raking:

For spring, raking removes last season’s dead debris, unwanted thatch, and crust on a lawn, which accumulates over the winter season. Leaf cover needs to be cleaned up in autumn before moisture and sunlight cause the leaves to clump together and rot, encouraging fungus and the build-up of thatch.

2. Blow Out Of Beds & Hedges:

A blowout of your beds and hedges helps clean up leaf debris stuck in inaccessible places. It does not involve weed removal, and if your property has pine trees, the dead cones and needles may not be removed entirely during a blowout.

Change of seasons can bring problems right to your yard; high winds dump a lot of leaves and other debris and may make your winter foliage look dishevelled. Let J.R. Lawn and Snow maintain your lawn, making a neat, well-kept property possible for you all year round.