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We understand how the harsh Canadian winters make maintaining and cleaning your lawn to make it spring-ready extremely difficult. Snow cover during winters can cause plenty of damage to your grass. A spring cleanup is a comprehensive lawn care solution that will get your grass growing green, healthy, and thick this summer season. Whether you want a comprehensive one-time visit that sets your lawn up for a great summer or a complete season plan that takes care of all your lawn care needs and maintains your lawn throughout the season, J.R. Lawn and Snow have plenty of solutions for you.

Spring Clean Up services are available from J.R. Lawn and Snow during April and May every year in Ottawa, Nepean, and Orleans.

Raking, aeration, and the first lawn mowing of the season guarantee your lawn will return to pristine before the ice and snow arrive.

This kind of maintenance will prepare your lawn for the spring and summer months ahead when you spend plenty of time in your beautiful yard.

Our Spring Yard Clean Up Package includes the following options:

1. Raking:

Raking takes care of leaf cover and removes thatch and debris if they are not deeply impacted. Our professional raking services will take care of your leaf cover, leaving it clean and ready for new growth.

2. Blow Out Of Beds & Hedges​:

Blow out of beds and hedges takes care of fall leaves, carpeting the garden and flower beds; it does not include weed cleanup. Pine cones and needles are included with our blowout services, but there is a slight chance that some might be missed.

3. First Mow​:

After the winter season, lawn preparation services include: mowing the lawn, picking up any remaining debris, and trimming around the edges of the walls, trees, posts, or where the grass tends to grow a little longer. This helps your lawn look well maintained.

4. Aeration:

J.R. Lawn and Snow provide lawn aeration services as part of their spring cleanup package. Aeration refers to the poking of thin, deep holes in the soil of your lawn, which helps the soil maintain healthy levels of oxygen and helps promote air circulation. This ensures a more luscious lawn for the upcoming months.