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The garden is the focal point for every home. J.R. Lawn and Snow provide stellar services when it comes to garden upkeep. We rake, blow out your hedges and flowerbeds, trim the grass and help maintain your garden in shipshape condition!

Fast, Effective & Beautiful Garden and Yard Cleaning

1. Raking:

J.R. Lawn and Snow bring the best tools in the business to clean up your yard and make it picture perfect. For spring, this process removes dead debris, unwanted thatch, and crust on a lawn, which builds up over the winter period. In autumn, fallen leaves need to be raked off before they get wet, stick together, encourage mold and fungus, and become more difficult to remove.

2. Blow Out Of Beds & Hedges:

Blowout of beds and hedges is essential to maintain good soil health. Excess debris can cause the flowerbed and hedge soil to accumulate excess moisture and build up thatch if left for too long. Our blowout services remove the offending debris before the situation becomes dire. Blowout services do not include weed or plant removal – only loose debris. We will endeavour to collect pine needles and cones but cannot guarantee that all of these will be picked up.

We offer our lawn services to the following commercial sectors:

– Landlords
– Industria setups.
– Retail
– Homeowner Associations
– Multi-Family living accommodations.
– Offices

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For more than 20 years, J.R. Lawn & Snow has been South-East Ottawa’s trusted choice for fast, efficient, and affordable lawn care and snow removal. Contact us today to get Ottawa’s best lawn cutting and snow removal services.


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